[1] "China’s Vaccine Scandal 2018: Pharmaceutical Companies Pacing Heightened Regulatory Risks" with Gang Chen 

2018, East Asian Institute Background Brief  (1368).  

Working Paper

[3] "Project Finance Loans, Political Institutions, and Regime Survival" with Jean Hong and Ilker Karaca

[2] "The Dilemma of Legitimation: How the Prolongment of Dictator's Tenure Hastens the Dictatorship's Demise" 

Presented at the WPSA Annual Conference, Online, May 21-23, 2020.

[1] "Fact-checking the Steele Dossier and its Networks: A First Stab at Extracting Network Data from Unstructured Texts" with Franziska Keller, Chi Kiu Cheung, Kana Ono, Anupras Malhotra, Anish Krishna Vallapuram, and Xinyuan Zhang

Presented at the MPSA Annual Conference, Chicago, IL, April 4-7, 2019. 

Work in Progress​

[6] "Bad News for You, Good News for US: How Autocracy Manipulates International News"

[5] "We Are Watching You: Explaining the US Media's Selective Attention on Foreign Leaders"

[4] "Famous, or Infamous?: Examining the US Media Views of Dictators "

[3] "State Visits and International Get-togethers" with Franziska Keller

[2] "Personalised Power, Cult of Personality, and Leader Survival in Authoritarian Regimes"

[1] "Personalisation of Power and Economic Development: A Theory with Evidence from China"

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